New Year New Tech

Hyundai has everyone in mind when they invent new technology to optimize their vehicles. This year, Hyundai has focused on new technology that will help hearing-impaired drivers so that anyone and everyone can experience a safe, comfortable drive. 

Hyundai was inspired by Seoul, South Korea's first hearing-impaired taxi driver, Lee Dae-ho. His daughter, Lee Hye-won, vouches for his fantastic driving abilities in spite of his hearing impairments in this video from Hyundai.

Engineers at Hyundai hope to extend peace of mind and freedom through features such as audiovisual conversion (AVC) and audio-tactile conversion (ATC). Thanks to artificial intelligence, the new technology tracks and translates sound happening inside and outside of the Hyundai to notify the driver of any threats or opportunities.

Visuals on the Head-Up Display infotainment system allow hearing-impaired drivers to see what they cannot hear through the AVC feature. For instance, if an ambulance with its sirens blaring drives near, a pictogram of an ambulance will appear and the driver will know to slow down and move to the right.

The ATC feature allows the driver to feel how close he/she is to an obstacle on the road using sensors on the outside of the Hyundai. The steering wheel will light up with LED lights and vibrate at different lengths to represent different obstacles.

This new technology, already in operation in Seoul, was awarded a grand prize at Hyundai Motor Group R&D Idea Festival. We would award it, too, here at Tulsa Hyundai! We're proud to deliver meaningful and creative Hyundai's to the regional Tulsa community.