Teacher of the Year Car Award

Wouldn't it be great if everything you won in life came with a prize that was actually useful? Well, last weekend we at Tulsa Hyundai had the opportunity to give away something that we think is the perfect award...A brand new car! 

Bixby Public Schools' Cheryl Wilkinson got to take home a 2018 Hyundai Elantra as her reward for being named the 2018 Teacher of the Year at the Sparta Gala in Tulsa on Saturday January 27,2018. 

When asked how she felt about receiving the honor Wilkinson said, "To advocate for our teachers and represent our district is just such an immense honor and I'm just so thrilled. I'm so excited & so thankful." 

The Sparta Gala is an annual event that benefits Bridge The Gap, an organization which works to fundraise for the Bixby Public School system. They are doing a pretty fantastic job, if we do say so ourselves. The evening was complete with a fabulous dinner, a silent auction, raffle drawings & some very gorgeous decor. Did we mention that there was a live auction as well and the first item up for a bid was the world's most adorable puppy? It's true. 

Adorable pets and pretty centerpieces aside, we were so happy to have the opportunity to support our Tulsa community in this way. We hope that our new car makes this Teacher of the Year feel like the rockstar that she is. Congrats, again to Cheryl Wilkinson! 

To learn more about the vehicle that we had the privilege to give, visit our website now.